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What Is Leather Patina? Is Leather Patina Good?

Everyone understands the hype of a perfectly worn pair of jeans or a comfortably broken-in pair of boots, but few realize that this feeling can extend to other quality lifestyle goods as well. If you’ve ever heard a leather enthusiast talk about why they love leather, it’s possible they’ve mentioned the term “patina.” 

Is Leather Patina Good? 

When leather becomes perfectly worn in or used, the natural leather patina it develops is typically a shinier finish, deeper color, and more depth of color. The leather may also become more supple, softer, and worn in the right places. For phone cases, especially, this may mean an even more custom fit for your iPhone, as well as increased grip to avoid slips and drops.

How Does Leather Patina Happen?

Like your favorite pair of shoes or denim jeans, that perfectly “broken in” feeling is a response to repeated use, friction, and exposure to the elements. Similarly, leather patina is a natural reaction to two major factors: how the leather is used, and how it’s stored. 

In either case, leather develops its character due to UV exposure, heat, daily wear and tear, moisture levels in the air, fabric dyes from your clothing, and natural oils from your skin. Certain items, like a phone case, may have greater contact with your hands and clothing, which means you may achieve different patina reactions on matching leather (say, your leather phone case vs. your leather earbuds case). This adds to the depth and quality of each item, allowing you to truly make each piece your own.

Leather Patina and Full-Grain Leather Quality

It’s important to note that our full-grain leather develops patina because it is a high-quality leather: other lesser-quality leathers may not behave this way. Full-grain leather is taken from the top layer of an animal hide, making it more durable and more visually appealing than other cuts of leather. Because it is taken from the outermost skin of the animal, full-grain leather is also more able to “breathe,” which means it’s more likely to absorb elements from its environment.

How to Get a Great Leather Patina on Your iPhone Cases?

The trick is to use BlueBonnet cases because our full-grain leather is capable of developing this patina. In fact, it also softens with time, whereas imitation leathers and other lower-grade leather may retain its stiffness. Other leather types include top-grain, corrected grain, and genuine leather. Only full-grain and top-grain leather are capable of developing patina, though full-grain products develop a much more distinctive patina texture.

Brown Leather vs. Black Leather Patina

When we’re talking about patina, we typically think of tan and brown leathers–and for good reason. These colors offer the most dramatic and rich transformations from new to tastefully weathered. Many wonder whether black leather develops the same character over time.

In terms of color, black leather typically stays the same, though it may develop more varied texture and softness as it ages. So, while the patina may not be as dramatic, black leather does have some elegant aging properties. You may also find dyed leathers, like our blue leather Petit Prince Macbook Case, develop beautiful patinas over time as well.

Our Best Products for Developing Leather Patina 

Part of the appeal of the leather patina is how it speaks to your journey. Your leather wallet or iPhone case will customize to your routine and lifestyle, making it the ultimate style statement. The particular sheen and supple texture that your leather item develops will reflect the environment of your life, making it the ultimate custom style statement. 

If you’re looking to start your own patina journey, check out some of our best products for developing leather patina:

1. Executive Leather iPhone Card Holder Case (Tan)

2. Executive Leather iPhone Folio Case (Tan)

3. Leather AirPods Pro Case (Brown)

4. Leather Apple Watch Band (Tan)


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