Bluebonnet Case

Austin, TX

Humble beginnings.
Rich design.

Our design philosophy

Bluebonnet designs modern essentials
that balance functionality with beauty
in the simplest way possible.

Where we started

After years of clumsily carrying my laptop, notebook, and pen to every class and meeting, I wondered why there wasn’t an easy way to consolidate these three things so they could easily be held in one hand, or better yet, tucked under my arm.

Looking for answers

I wasn’t happy with other solutions out there. Folios and laptop sleeves required you to take your laptop out and no other laptop case had a built-in notebook and pen holder.

The journey

So I set out to make my own and share it with college students and working professionals around the world.

Great work begins with smart design

I wanted it to be just as beautiful as it was functional. We designed a case that would not only make your everyday life way more convenient, but one that would inspire you to chase your dreams and achieve the goals you’ve set. And so, was born.

Designed in Texas

Our leather case is beautifully designed in Austin, Texas.