The Executive French Leather Apple Watch Band - Black


Crafted with the most luxurious and supple full-grain calf leather from France, this premium leather apple watch band wears comfortably and develops more character over time. We pair buttery-smooth Barenia calfskin leather with Bluebonnet's signature blue loops to keep you looking stylish, whether you're at the office or on your next great adventure.

About this Leather

Our Barenia leather strap comes from Tannery Haas in France. Haas has been making leather since 1842 and is world-renowned for its craftsmanship and premium calfskin leathers that are used around the world with luxury brands like Hermès.

Barenia requires a specific tanning process, which is known by only a small number of craftsmen. Barenia is double-tanned in chrome and vegetable dyes and then soaked in a mix of 9 different oils over a 5-6 week process. This process creates a premium apple watch leather strap that wears unlike any other.

Design Highlights
  • French Calf Leather strap and loop bands
  • 4-layer strap process with fill
  • Calf inner lining
  • Polished silver buckle.
Why we designed this

Apple Watch bands don't have to be boring. We wanted to create a premium leather apple watch band that combined quality (French Calf Leather) with modern style. Our Bluebonnet signature blue loops make this black leather Apple watch band fit for a life full of adventure and color.

    A Watch for life's everyday adventures.

    Gets Better With Age

    Develops a beautiful and rich patina unique to your lifestyle.

    Attention to Detail

    We don't take shortcuts. Luxurious French calf leather leather paired with Bluebonnet's signature blue loops makes this band the perfect balance between luxury and adventure.

    Nature-inspired Design

    Bringing life and color to tech accessories

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